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Are you having problems with debtors who fail to meet their payment obligations? It can be useful to make use of the services of a debt collection agency. A debt collection agency endeavors to ensure that outstanding debts are collected by the debtor. Their task includes recovering any outstanding debts to the debtor, as well as any accumulated administrative costs and legal interest. The amount of money that the debtor can be liable for can ultimately become quite high, and therefore debtors are often more inclined to pay a claim before it escalates even further.

One of the biggest challenges to any organisation is maintaining cash flow. Hiring a debt collector is especially useful if you regularly experience issues with non-paying customers. Debt collection agents can offer the following benefits to you when you outsource to them:

Saves time: chasing and processing of claims Scalable: can assist with claims of both large and small arrears Call to action: defaulters are more likely to make payments to debt collection agents Pro bono: agencies often only receive payment if the claim from the debtor is paid

When a collection agency is unable to obtain the outstanding debt on your behalf, then you may elect to switch to a bailiff. A bailiff offers more legal options than a collection agency. A bailiff is usually sent in when outstanding debts are so high that it is impossible for a collection agency to retrieve the debt through ongoing reminders and follow up.

Reliability of collection agencies
In the UK, there is a large number of collection agencies across the country. The debt collection agencies that promote their services with are companies with strong customer service records and offer reliable service to the industry. When you obtain quotes from debt collection agents on, you can so with confidence.

International debt collection
If your company operates internationally and has foreign buyers of your products and services, it is possible to deploy a collection agency should they default on payments. With globalisation, debt collection agencies are also extending their overseas network and thereby responding to their customer needs. In addition to local debt collection agencies in the UK on, you can also request quotes for international debt collectors. Avoid problems with defaulters and make sure that you get paid what you are owed without delay.

If you want to improve the chances of receiving payment, and save yourself the time and frustration of chasing up customers who owe you money, you can outsource this service and get the money in the door. 

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Benefits of comparing quotes

Using you can quickly and easily request quotes to compare prices and services from debt collectors throughout the UK.

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